Q2: Schools, financial aid and OPT


To answer your question:
– OPT is offered regardless of which school you go to (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optional_Practical_Training). It is usually for one year, given you fulfill the requirements for OPT (such as finding employment for that period). Any decent school will help the students for employment, but none can really promise employment.
– The school you mentioned offers financial aid, but be aware of what it means. Financial aid is different than full scholarship with stipend, in some cases it can mean as basic as 10% off from tuition. Therefore, you still need to come up with your own resources. The best way to find out is to write to the school, and ask the statistics, such as the amount of students receiving financial aids, and the amount/value of the aid.
– Putting the OPT aside (offered independent of school), financial aid is only one item you need to consider when choosing for school. You will spend 1-2 years of your life studying, so the choice of school is critical. Basic rule, go to the best school you can afford (intellectually/your potential). You can check if the school is rated among the top schools in many magazines/rating agencies.


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