Teaching Assistantship

A graduate teaching assistant (GTA) is a student employed on a temporary basis, typically over the academic years, by a department or university in undergraduate teaching-related responsibilities. These responsibilities may include grading homework/exams, leading discussion related to specific subjects, holding office hours and leading laboratory activities. A TA who is fluent in English may also be asked to teach his/her own classes. Typically teaching assistantship is awarded by the department based on the recommendation of professor, and is widely available for competition in science-related departments. Departments such as mathematics & statistics and physics are examples of field that employ substantial number of GTA to cater the need for undergraduate instruction. GTAs generally receive fixed stipend that are determined by the university or department. In many highly ranked universities, the TA appointment also carries the benefit of tuition waiver (for the graduate student) and health insurance. The specificity of benefits offered by each university can be found in the website of each university.


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