Example of Admission Letter – 1

I am pleased to write you, on behalf of the faculty of this department, that we are recommending to The Graduate School that you be admitted to the Materials Science and Engineering graduate program. You will be hearing from The Graduate School shortly and you will also be receiving a letter from us in the next few days (via Federal Express) that contains the information given below and other materials.

In recognition of your excellent academic record, we are offering you a Research Assistantship to start in September, 1999. Currently, a Research Assistantship carries a monthly stipend of $1,550 and full tuition (currently $27,240 per year) and will continue subject to satisfactory research progress and availability of funds; stipends are adjusted annually. A Research Assistant is expected to devote at least 20 hours per week to research; this work is almost always for thesis research. In addition, you may take up to three courses per quarter toward the academic requirements for the degree.

New graduate students must interview all of the faculty members before choosing an advisor. This process occurs in late October, after you have arrived on campus. If you are strongly committed to research in a particular field, however, you may be able to select an advisor in advance. Should you have any questions about our program or financial support, feel free to contact me at XXX or email: XXX. More information on the Department is available at XXX. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Congratulations once again for your past achievement; we genuinely hope that you will join us for graduate study. Please notify us of your decision by April 15, 1999, or sooner if possible.


Professor and Graduate Recruiting Chair


One Response to Example of Admission Letter – 1

  1. Emmanuel Opio says:

    It is a very good guide for young administrators to follow from.
    Kind regards,

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